toelover (toelover) wrote,

stealing a shitty thing to do

so i had this friend and he was a gangsta wanna be and and he tried to be all cool and steal my ipod.

he is definetlay not my friend any more.
1 he took it and after i asked if he found out about it or who did it to tell me, any way he lied to me.

2 he sold it to one of my other friends .

how stupid can you get sellign it to some one who the person you stole from hangs out with too???

you know your ganna get caught.

i dont like stupid people or stealers.
amd i definetly do not like getting lied to.

on another note i had a bloody fantastic weekend
friday - drunk
saturday -high as helll and i stayed at zanes ( jareds friend) i of course slept in a diffrent room .
saturday waken baked ,called jarred to give me a ride home in the mornign and he was mad saying he still liked me
then we made out for ever and the old i miss you were back.
if you miss me get back wit me.
he was basically jealouse and wants me back.

thank god.

party to day with jerrod hopefully i get laid oy.

may be...

but befor that i have track maybe i can get out early???
it's killing me.,
and i am down to 108 pounds.
no time to eat trying to gain back my boobs is so hard to do.
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